What to Expect

                                                                                                          OUR CARE 

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                Care Starts Here:

Every single aspect of the care we provide is focused on the nervous system, and promoting what’s called neuroplasticity. Now that’s a really big, science-y word – but it simply means ensuring that the body’s most important system is able to rest, relax, heal, grow, and adapt.

Those five things are absolutely essential to everyone, from a tiny infant who’s supposed to be asleep more than awake, to kids and parents who need every bit of rest, recharging and resilience we can get in this crazy world.

As you’ll see with our unique 5-Step Clinical Process everything starts with our doctors taking the time to truly listen to your concerns, work together to set goals for your care, and dive deep with the most modern technology in the world that allows us to truly assess exactly where the nervous system is stressed, stuck (subluxated), exhausted, and not functioning properly.

If that sounds too simple and too good to be true – it’s because it is.

We take the time to explain and educate our patients each step of the way, and the path to healing, restoration, and full health and happiness for your family will be straightforward and never complicated!

                                                                                                 Step 1

                                                                             Consultation Scheduling

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STEP ONE is scheduling a Consultation with the doctor. Right away you’ll notice a big difference from traditional doctors, as Dr. Caliendo  dives deep into you/your child’s case history unlike any other professional out there, really listening and taking the time to find the root causes of your child’s health challenges.

Many parents/families report that already after this first step in our clinical process they feel excited and confident about care, because it’s the first time they’ve actually felt heard and found answers as to why they or their child is struggling in the first place.

                                                                                               Step 2

                                                                                      Insight Scans

It's never been easier to give your patients more insight Experience the Impact an INSiGHT can make in your Chiropractic Practice

STEP TWO is doing a deep dive into the function of you/your child’s central nervous system, using an incredible set of technology called the INSiGHT Scans. They consist of three (3) individual scans that will find, measure, and quantify how much stress and tension may be stuck in the autonomic nervous system.

Three of the main things these scans are looking for are subluxationdysautonomia, and   vagus nerve dysfunction – which are all just terms that mean a stressed out, worn out, and dysfunctional nervous system. To learn more about this incredible technology , check out this article here!