PWBC's experience and specialty in Pediatric Care is what truly sets it apart, getting incredible results with everything from fussy and colicky babies, to chronically sick kids, to sensory and spectrum challenges.  

At PWBC, we have a passion and purpose to help kiddos and their families. We see kiddos from newborns all the way to adolescence. We know that kids truly are meant to be healthy, not sick.  Each gentle, non-invasive and specific adjustment allows your child’s nervous system to function optimally, ensuring that they have the best start to life and live to their body’s highest ability. As a pediatric chiropractor Dr. Anthony will ensure that the nervous system is balanced, the vagus nerve is doing its job, and the gut and immune system is neurologically functioning at its highest ability.

While kids are designed to be healthy, strong, and resilient, right now for most families that is simply not the case. Currently over 40% of children have a chronic health condition such as Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Epilepsy. Furthermore the path to those chronic conditions begins as a series of acute, early childhood illnesses that traditional medicine cannot get a handle on. Still today parents whose children are struggling with things like colic, constipation, recurrent ear infections, allergies, sensory issues, and developmental delays are told, “Don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it.” Well, that’s simply not true.  Every single day in our office we get to help kids who were chronically sick, struggling, and loaded up with medications and therapies transform right before our eyes and reach incredible levels of health, happiness, and well-being once again!

Here at PWBC, we will have the answers, hope and help that so many parents are desperately seeking for their kiddos.  We can’t wait to meet you ! 

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