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Watch Your Tone!

Watch your tone! A common phrase we heard when we were growing up. We know very well what it means and it’s often followed by “change your tone!” Is one tone better than the other? Maybe some tones just aren’t appropriate at certain times and are appropriate at other times. How do we know which tone to have and when?

This brings us to the question: Is everyone’s tone the same? Or is it even normal or appropriate for everyone to be the same? No! Obviously not everyone is the same. As my good friend and mentor Dr. Donny Epstein has said, “If we were all the same, then that means some of us are not necessary.” We are ALL necessary and we are all different—with different gifts and talents that are unique to only us.

I love the analogy of the guitar string. Depending on the length and thickness of a guitar string, it plays a certain note. A note that only it plays because it was created in a specific way to play that specific note. We are all like the guitar string— we were created in a very specific way to play a very specific note. No one else can play our precise note in the same way that we can.

What happens when you push down on a section of the guitar string so that it changes the tension across the length of the string? It changes the tone of the string, changing the note that is played. That string was meant to play a certain note but now is playing a different version of that note.

 Do you see where I’m going with all this?  WE were all created differently, to play our note to the world, to sing our song to the world. Our tone is a gift to the planet and it’s different from everyone else’s! If we don’t bring our gifts to humanity, no one else can.

Human anatomy shows us the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) are intimately related to the spine (vertebrae). Science has indisputably correlated an increase or imbalance in nervous system (brain and spinal cord) tone with many common diseases, i.e. cancer, glaucoma, Bipolar Disorder, Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, autoimmune disease, Osteoarthritis, excessive body weight, high blood pressure and asthma. Science also tells us that stress, whether physical, chemical or mental/emotional, is DIRECTLY associated with an increase in nervous system tone.

Watching your tone can literally save your life! When I have someone on one of my tables I am assessing the tone of their nervous system and then applying low force spinal contacts in a way that reduces the tone back to a more balanced state. This allows the body’s innate healing capabilities to work more efficiently—that’s when “miracles” happen!”

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